Spring 2018, Class #1

Hello Class!

I am so excited to see the progress you've made over the break. If you skimped on providing campaign-page feedback to your peers these next couple of weeks are your time to shine. The next two weeks are all the time you get to finish (and help your peers to finish) your campaigns.



In tomorrow's class we will review the changes and progress that you have made over the past month. Come ready to ask for suggestions and direction.

Around 2pm we will be joined by Liz Kores for a discussion on public relations, writing, and marketing. Check out Liz's website before class so that you have an idea where she is coming from.



We will submit campaigns for the Kickstarter team to review on 1/25 in preparation for launch on 2/1. It is possible to make only minor changes to campaigns during that review week. The campaigns that you submit on the 25th need to be complete.

We have two scheduled talks on the 25th: One is with Chris Huizenga on Marketing ; The other, on the topic of wholesale relationships and product development, is with the management team of the retail company, Uncommon Goods. Be sure to check out both of our guests prior to class.



Our Launch Event is scheduled for 2/1 at Lost Arts, from 5-7PM. We will setup at Lost Arts shortly after the start of our class period. The event will consist of two parts:

Part 1, Pitching

You will be required to give a "micro-pitch" presentation of your campaign before a panel of judges. Sitting on the panel you will find Sam Rosen, Charles Adler, Ariel Bennick, and others. Your presentation will either be a distillation of your kickstarter page, presented as two-minute presentations or it will simply be a live-narrated delivery of your two-minute video. Either way, the content and structure is already finished, all you have to do is practice a little and deliver.

Part 2, Mingling

Give guests a chance to check out your project first hand ... and maybe even get some backers! Each of you will set up your project "science-faire" on tables; print a poster, showcase your prototypes, and setup a laptop with your campaign page at the ready.

... Ready or not, Here we go!

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