An interesting take on finding your target market

I ran across this article today on fashion profiling in the recent presidential election. The bit that I found particularly relevant to what you are doing is the reference to sales on political websites. The sale of merchandise on candidates websites is used to segment the audience so that they can be served the most relevant messaging. Something to think about as you test different messaging and images in your upcoming campaigns and in the lead-up over the break.

Can you design your posts on your blogs, instagram, facebook, etc to help you to further segment (or even just understand) your target audience? Perhaps you test three different messages to see which register the best engagement. Perhaps you test three different aesthetic styles to see which fairs best.

Cambridge Analytica Used Fashion Tastes to Identify Right-Wing Voters

Christopher Wylie, who helped found the voter-profiling firm, said that clothing preferences had been key to helping “Steve Bannon build his insurgency.”

Ted Burdett