Class no 2

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Keep an eye out for an invitation to the class Google Team Drive. You will find the spreadsheet from today's class there. PLEASE make a copy of the sheet before making edits. It is a shared document and any changes that you make will override the file.

Hr 1 > Time trial exercise (calculating the time and steps that go into self production)

Hr 2 > Developing a simple break-even analysis to generate a breakeven goal (understanding the distinction between fixed and variable costs)

Hr 3 > Quick-starter development recaps

Hr 4 > Existential crises 

Hr 5 > All ID Meeting ... Um, where did all of you go?

Assignments for Week 3:

  • Create your Kickstarter Account
  • Read the creator handbook
  • Continue to define your audience: what words do you use to categorize the your target market? through what channels are you already acquainted with these folks? What channels do you need to establish? What gatherings do you need to attend to mingle with your audience? Think of it like this: if your prototype is done next week, who are the people or category of people that you would want to show it to for feedback and support? Make a list of those people and the physical and virtual places they gather and think about how you can join them there.
  • Refine your Quick-starter design through a ton of rapid prototyping. Bring a final or next-to-final prototype to class on the 13th. Review these with one another and push one another one more step to refine craft, realism.
  • Come to class on Thursday the 13th ready to engage with Sung Jang to discuss techniques for video production.
  • Use the remaining class time to work on your final prototype and the crafting of your project page. Consider reserving the photo studio in ADS to shoot product photography and video.
  • Consider the context and subjects that you will want to include in the visual storytelling on your campaign page. Are you creating a blanket fort? Will you need to recruit children as subjects for your photography? Line up your subjects now so that you have time to coordinate.
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