Class no 5

First off, I want to give a high five to those of you who had your campaigns in go-mode last session. While I’m sure that you feel some relief in having extra time to tweak and perfect the campaign, there is also frustration when a deadline that you’re ready for gets pushed back; I know the feeling. But don’t be disheartened, we are pushing ahead and your efforts are worth celebrating.

So Whew! Now that everyone has had an extra week to prepare project campaigns we’re launching for real! Kickstarter has all of your links and the team there is excited to see your projects launch. Thursday the 27th of October at 3pm CST we will collectively hit our launch buttons. Here are a few things that I need you to do if you have not already:

  • Add “Quickstarter” to your project title.

  • Read the Quickstarter Manifesto and stick to the guidelines.

  • Have at least 3 classmates proof read your campaign.

  • Upload project images to the Class Team Drive (look in your Team Drives folder).

Class Agenda:

  • Hour 1 & 2 – Campaign reviews

  • Campaign Launch

  • Hour 3 – Talk: Communication and Promotion

  • Hour 4 – Talk: Sourcing

  • Hour 5 – Worktime

Ted Burdett