Samuel Kramer

My eclectic influences allow me to create content that blends different ideas.  I am a maker at heart, I design for the sake of having things to manifest.  I love the process of just trying new things and seeing what the results will be.  I am interested in the different scales and practices of design.  Ranging from architecture, to fashion, to art, and beyond.  Creating things with my hands and seeing ideas manifest, is the most fulfilling thing to me.  I dabble in everything I can, which leads me to design in 2D and 3D. 

Inspired by:

Bruce Kramer, Steve Jobs, TJ Okeefe, Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Ronnie Fieg, Rem Koolhaas, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Maholy Nagy, Alessandro Michele   


instagram @samkramer14

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