Thursday September 28th


5 Minute Concept Updates: [1:00-5:30]

  • Share your product hypothesis.
  • Pitch your key concepts.
  • Share your goals for next week.

Due Thursday October 5th:

  • Prepare questions for Chadwick Parker of Big Idea Design.
  • Post #3: Another project deep dive. Topics: conversations with manufacturers, explaining a technical process that you've been investigating, a summary of conversations that you've had with people who you think are your target user, prototyping session, etc.
  • Prepare your WK6 project update [switch to digital]
    • state hypothesis ... and tell us what questions you need to answer to validate the hypothesis.
    • create competitive matrix (I drew this on the board 9/28).
    • show us how your development work (form, user research, material, mfg, cost, story) is leading to the validation or refinement of your hypothesis.
    • include competitive projects/products/objects/solutions.

Coming Up October 12th:

  • Prepare questions for Skype call with Stephanie Pereira of Kick Starter.
  • Post #4: Reflections on interview with Chadwick Parker.
  • Post #5: Your interview with an entrepreneur.
  • Lightning updates [3min presentation]
  • Costing your project.
  • Working Session.
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