Effy (Xinyan) Liu

Effy (Xinyan) Liu is an Industrial Design student minoring in Art and Theater Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was born and spent her first 16 years in China before she moved to Maine for three years of high school where she developed her love for nature.

After she graduated, Effy decided to move to the city of Chicago to study design because she wanted to solve problems, explore the possibilities and enhance people’s lives aesthetically. As a designer, Effy is focused on user centered design, human experience design and experimental design. As a maker, she cares about traditional hand craft and is always up to learn new techniques.

Over the past few years, Effy has gained a wide range of experiences from her internship, freelance work, workshop, competition, exhibition and theater production. In her free time, Effy loves talking to and observing people from different backgrounds. She also loves traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Explore her design journey and projects by following her Instagram @effflstudio and on Effy's blog: https://www.efflstudio.com/

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