Dancello Bennett

Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Dancello grew up building KNEX and Legos
sets at early age. In the beginning of Dancello’s academic career he studied Engineering at
Prairie State College then transferred to NIU to complete his Bachelor's degree in Electrical
Engineering. During his third year at NIU he read an article on Jonathan Ive (Apple Senior
Designer) and found the bittersweet truth to his true calling of Industrial Design. And now he is a full-time student at UIC.

Dancello is very passionate about the wonders of the universe and the arts, from photography to
logo design. He founded i m a g i n a t, a visual design company where he focuses on these
elements and more. He spends most of his leisure time watching anime and playing video
games because of the inspiration he gains from them. He also enjoys learning new software
such as Adobe After Effects, Lightroom, etc.

Industrial Design is the newest addition to i m a g i n a t where Dancello would like to focus on
small-sized, minimal products from household items to clothing accessories.

Reach for the stars and follow @imaginat via instagram for updates on projects and additional
content or visit

Cheers and may the force be with you.

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