Thursday September 21st

In Class:

  • Look at one another's Squarespace sites (Bio & Interview setup blog post) [1:00-2:15]
  • Talk hypothesis [2:15-2:30]

Breakout Sessions:

  • Pair up to discuss concepts. [2:50-3:30]
  • Work in pairs to create a hypothesis. [-3:50]
  • Review one another's interview questions. [-4:20]

Concept Update:

  • Pitch your key concepts and share your product hypothesis; 5 minutes each. [4:50-6:40]

Up next. For September 28:

  • Post #1: Write about your favorite project from last year's EPD class. Compare it to the project that you backed recently. What do you want to do similarly and differently from each campaign?
  • Post #2: Write about one area of your project in which you've taken a deep dive. This can be writing about conversations with manufacturers, explaining a technical process that you've been investigating, a summary of conversations that you've had with people who you think are your target user, or an explanation of a killer model making session that you undertook.
  • Prepare your next project presentation.
    • include your hypothesis.
    • tell us what questions you've derived from your assumptions.
    • show us how your development work (form, user research, material, mfg, cost, story) is leading to the validation or refinement of your hypothesis.
    • include competitive projects/products/objects/solutions.
    • NOTE: each of you will have a different emphasis based on your project.
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