Dane Gillen

Dane Gillen is a full time Industrial Design student and a part-time ski-bum. Born right here in Chicago, an inspirational city, home of some of the worst weather on earth. Dane grew up riding mountain bikes and snowboarding on the small hills near the disappointingly flat Chicagoland area.

With design influence from his father, a mechanical engineer, Dane found his way to the University of Illinois at Chicago where he is studying Industrial Design. After a summer of interning at local Chicago furniture shop, Modern Industry, he learned a lot about hand crafted furniture from owner Jacob Wener. Dane has been inspired by the blend of beautiful woodworking and steel frameworks of Jacob's furniture, and now knows what it takes to make a product truly built to last.  Dane also has a few new projects on the horizon in new realms inspired by his passions: furniture, bicycles, and snowboards.

Stay up to date with Dane and his projects here as well as on Instagram @danegillendesigns, big things are coming soon!

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