Marcin Wieczorek

Originally born in Tarnow, Poland, my family and I decided to move away from our home country in search for a better life. Arriving to the United States at the age of nine presented a struggle as the language barrier made it difficult to communicate and form friendships. While continuing to learn English, art became an important personal hobby. Any spare time was often devoted to drawing animals, automobiles, and often joining competitions.

With great help from mentors such as my junior high teacher Mr. Polanco and high school art director Mrs. Tincknell, I was able to learn multiple visual techniques ranging from drawing to painting. After the completion of Schaumburg High School and their extensive four year art program, I enrolled at the University of Illinois in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Following the first year of studies, while waiting in line at the Academic Advising office, I overheard a student talking about the Industrial Design program. After performing research on the unknown field, I realized that both art and design utilized a visual language for a given purpose. This discovery would later lead me to the enrollment at UIC’s school of Design.

By using previously learned visual art techniques such as painting, drawing, and sculpting, my goal is to create various useful and innovative design concepts, sketches, and prototypes. With the implementation of creative thinking, I believe that we can find innovative solutions to existing problems.

Instagram: marcinwdesign

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