Gosia Markiewicz

Malgorzata (Gosia) Markiewicz is an Industrial Design student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her passion in creating well designed products is only met by her focus and drive around the environment. Influenced by her childhood, since she was 6, Gosia had a love for crafting and making messes.

This past summer, she took advantage of an opportunity to study Scandinavian design in Copenhagen, Denmark. On her 2 month journey, Gosia mastered the design process from initial concept to manufacturable reality.

Gosia is actively involved in design contests that challenge her designs and philosophies. With an optimistic approach in life, she uses these inspirations to make a positive impact in the field of design.

Follow her most recent projects as well as progress on her first Kickstarter on Instagram @gmark_design and on Gosia's Blog.

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