Spring 2018, Class #3 & #4


Kickstarters campaigns launched last week at around 4:30PM. The excitement in the living room at Lost Arts was palpable!

The Launch event kicked off with 90 second presentations delivered over a backdrop of slides and video to an audience of almost 100 guests. The deliveries were stellar and the presentation visuals were very tight. Some of the best this Prof has ever seen.

The Judges, Sam Rosen, Lindsay Pearson-Wessels, Charles Adler, Ariel Lynne Bennick, had a tough time keeping score with the pace of delivery. But the rapid fire presentations kept the audience on their toes and left them thirsty for more.

Kickstarter showed some real love promoting the campaigns in a guest blog post which was circulated in their weekly email blast, as well. Thank you Kickstarter!

A week later the campaigns are doing great: Effy Liu's Inrolo is funded at 138% as of this moment. Delaney Gould's Project, Hero, jumped to 98% over the afternoon.

We spend the majority of class today talking about the promotional activities that everyone has engaged in thus far ... and the serious effort that remains to carry the majority of our campaigns to the finish line. There will be some boots hitting the pavement this weekend as the hustle continues.

Finally, we took a few minutes to get a little academic and we talked over the 16 business model typologies as we prepare to imagine the ways in which our projects might scale into feasible businesses. 


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