Class no 0


Welcome to Entrepreneurial Product Development!

I am excited to meet you all as a class and to get busy working together. I will not lie, this is an extremely demanding course – we will be covering a huge amount of new material, rapidly developing products for production, engaging with manufacturers, and marketing products to paying customers. When projects become 'real' like this and involve participants outside the walls of our school, the stakes are high; all of our reputations are on the line.

But don't stress. There are a few simple things that will make it all go smoothly:

  • Always take notes [sketchbooks are best]

  • Always proof read [consider installing grammarly in your browser]

  • Treat everyone – in and out of the class – with courtesy and with respect

  • Give undivided attention and consideration to your classmates during reviews

  • No matter what, follow through with your campaign promises

This class is demanding, yes, but it is also rewarding and fun. The more we support and encourage one another, the more fun we have.



We will meet each week on Thursday afternoon from 1:00pm until 6:40pm, unless otherwise specified. Each week's session will be accompanied by a post providing an outline for the class's activities. These posts will be available through the semester in the calendar on our homepage. The current week's post is positioned just above the calendar on the homepage.

Usually these posts will outline our in-class activities as well as assignments. This post however will just outline your assignment, due on our first day of class. Don't fret, it's low-key:


  • Create an account with Kickstarter
  • Review past EPD campaigns here
  • Bring in design concepts you're psyched to work on [paper, no more than an hour's work]
  • Email me your headshot, a 50-100 word bio, and your instagram handle


See you all Thursday the 30th!


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