Class no 1

Welcome to Entrepreneurial Product Development!

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We will meet each week on Thursday afternoons from 1pm until 6:40pm, unless otherwise specified. Each week's session will be accompanied by a post providing an outline for the class's activities. These posts will be available through the semester in the calendar on our homepage. The current week's post is positioned just above the calendar on the homepage.

We'll use the following 5-section format to organize the content of each session, generally attempting to break things up into one hour blocks of time. Session content will be followed by assignments that are due in upcoming sessions. Open studio time will be allotted at least one hour in each session. What follows is the outline for Class number 1.

Hr 1 > Introductions, Class plan, Grading rubric

Hr 2 > Developing your POV, Cultivating an audience, Crafting your story

Hr 3 > Providing value, What works on Kickstarter, Components of a Kickstarter, Quickstarter

Hr 4 > Concept review

Hr 5 > Studio time

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