Class no 6

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Class number 6 marks the halfway point in most of your Quickstarter campaigns!

I have seen a few updates on your campaigns but some of you have yet to do a single update. Correct that.

A handful of you have sent the URL to your blog site [square space preferred]. I need that from everyone before the end of the day.

Our outline for class no 6:

Hr 1 > Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Cross Promotion

Hr 2 > Forming hypothesis and validating assumptions + Project updates

Hr 3 > Google hangout with Noah Feehan of Kickstarter

Hr 4 > Pinup

Hr 5 > In class work time 

Next week:

Toward the end of the class we will participate in a workshop with Vicki Matranga. That runs until 8pm so plan on a late class. Your first campaigns will have ended earlier in the day and this will be your opportunity to teach others how to create a campaign. You will be assigned to lead groups to create the foundational elements for a campaign that Vicki will use to launch her new book on Kickstarter.

“See one, do one, teach one”

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