Class no 7

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At the time of writing all of your campaigns were fully funded! AMAZING.

Keep the updates coming. The update you write tomorrow after the campaign ends should be a thank you message and it should set up your backers for what to expect next. Your update plan should be set to a large degree at this point so let people know when they will be hearing from you next and stick to your schedule.


Hr 1 > “Pinup” Concept review.

Remember what I said, “Now is the time to be generating a breadth of ideas … don’t skimp.” There were probably a few swearwords in there too, but I don’t remember exactly. If you are designing a hot sauce, the appropriate prototyping tool is food ingredients and your sketch should be edible. If you are designing lighting, we’d better see some actual light. If your concept does something, either demo what it does with a rough sketch model or use illustrations that incorporate context objects, subjects, or cues like arrows.

I am excited to see some trials and hands-on inquiry into new materials and processes.

Hr 2 > “Pinup” Continued

Hr 3 > Survey tools and brief IP introduction

Hr 4 > Break

Hr 5 > Vicki Matranga Workshop. There will be pizza served for dinner.

We’ll hear about the product that Vicki is developing and the specific requirements that she has to take into consideration for her launch. Then we’ll break into groups and help her to build and ideate the elements of the campaign. 

Next Week

We will be in our third round of concept pinups next week.

The week after will be midterm presentations. During week 9 presentations you will present your top directions to the class along with key information such as top-down pricing, initial audience research, initial source research, a draft break-even, and a working hypothesis. You will be required to have had at least one fact-finding conversation with a manufacturer (though how you convey that conversation to us in your presentation is up to you).

Presentations will need to be digital. I like google slides for ease.

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