Business Models and Business Model Canvas

Hey Team,

It is always a bit jarring to come back to school after a long relaxing break. But getting back into the swing of things with you yesterday made me excited for the weeks to come.

I know that you all got the sense that there is a lot to do in a short period of time. It is true. And for these next couple of weeks, our weekly class meeting is not going to provide the frequency of touch points needed to develop work to the finish line. I suggest that when ever you need feedback on something – a model, a stack of sketches, a video draft, a simple question – or help making a decision, you email the entire class with your question. Together we can hold one another accountable and help one another to work productively.

This link will take you to the business model canvas. There is a PDF on the drive that you can download as well. As you begin to visualize the ways that your current interest area could transform into an ongoing project (aka a business), make your notes in the canvas. PS, you will need multiple canvasses. Think of them as note paper rather than a final outcome. You will share a minimum of 3 business directions on Thursday and will need to project your canvas notes for each.

This link will take you to the 16 (well really 14) business model archetypes. As I said yesterday, use these to think about the ways that you could engage in business activity in your area of interest. You do not need to be limited to manufacturing products.

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