Rebuilding the university pitch event

On Thursday I brought up the idea of working collectively to raise funds for a pitch competition using the under utilized UIC crowdfunding platform Flames Funded

This event would provide all kinds of individuals and teams on campus with platform to share their projects with the university. It would provide a deadline or target that creators so often need to galvanize into action. With cash prizes, it would reward those students and faculty for their hard work and resources for further advancing their projects.

I explained that we would need to create a pitch together, launch our campaign around the same time you are running your next Kickstarters, and works as a group to promote the campaign on campus. While that would be a pile of work, the tie between the campaigns would likely have a complementary, cross promotional effect. I believe there are many parties on campus who would be interested in seeing this happen and that we will have no problem finding allies and individuals to help us carry out the promotion of the campaign.

Now that you’ve had some time to think about the idea, weigh in and let the class know what you think. Please use the comments field in this blog post. We’ll only do it if you are all onboard.