Josh Enderle

I’m an aspiring nerd, horror fan, and beer aficionado. My passion being all things Halloween. I was born and bred in the suburbs of Chicago. After learning to use a variety of tools and equipment at an early age, I spent years trying to figure out what to do with those skills. Eventually I had to step back and reflect on what drives and motivates me and that was design.

At heart, I’m a tinkerer. When I get up in the morning, I have to find all the latest tech gear, read all the new product reviews, and think of ways to improve user experiences (namely, my own). Design comes naturally, and I devote my free time to toying with existing products and experiences and improving on them.

I believe that the user experience is paramount and that technology has the capacity to improve experiences exponentially. Design is the key to unlocking better interactions, and I have spent a lifetime envisioning better, interactive, and meaningful design.

instagram: jenderle7

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